Individual and Team Building groups

Use of Equine Assisted Therapy is an effective non-verbal means of identifying and meeting your therapeutic or team building goals. Teresa Mills is trained to provide individualized interaction with her horses to create a unique experience for your needs.

Contact The Morgan Centre, or Teresa Mills directly to inquire and book your appointment.


Family Program

When a person suffers from PTSD it can cause many types of distress within the family unit.  With Equine Assisted programs the family can come together in a safe and confidential environment where they can identify for themslves the ways in which the family unit has changed and communicate to each other.  The horses create a catalyst and metaphor for the family by mirroring the family interaction and responding to the unspoken communication.  In addition to the therapeutic benefits, the family will have the opportunity to participate in a unique activity where they will learn about each other, have fun and create a new confidence in the family unit.  This new perspective can help them to see that they can overcome the challenges that they have been facing and come together in a new, happy and healthy way.

Contact The Morgan Centre for more information about this opportunity.